Explanation of the site/Brief Manifesto

The world is awash in fake news and opinion pieces that masquerade as news. There is no real penalty for a lack of credibility or for political slant. Debunking is harder than making things up. As the old saying goes "A lie goes around the world before the truth can get its pants on".

To combat this troubling trend, I created Unslanted News. Here, you can post articles and vote on the political lean, credibility, and quality of that news. You can also arrange stories into longer storylines for events that continue over multiple days and multiple individual stories to provide a longer view of the entire story.

In our current media universe, we all exist in bubbles. The internet and its myriad algorithms have created a world where people with a right-leaning world view only see right-leaning news, and left-leaning people see only left-leaning news. Within those bubbles, the only view we get from the "other side" is a cartoonishly evil representation. It becomes difficult to understand how anyone could believe what "they" believe. Storylines can help with this problem, too! When you create a storyline, you can set it to a partisan view. This will present left, right, and center articles all on the same screen. This will allow you to see the bias in the news and get more of the truth.

You can also check on the credibility of a source. Notice on every article there is a link to a source page here on the site. That will allow you to see the total score for all articles from a source, which will allow you to spot better and worse sources, and left vs. right sources.

Community participation is key. I need you, dear reader, to submit and organize articles. I need you to vote on articles and storylines. I need you to respond to people who are spreading fake news with our site so they can see the bias inherent in their news. I need you to comment and participate in the community to make it all work. Together, we can fix one of the biggest problems facing society today: Slanted news.

We can make news unslanted.

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