First Indigenous Peoples March takes place in Washington DC

At 8 a.m. on a cold Friday morning, participants in the Indigenous Peoples March gathered on the steps of the U.S. Department of the Interior and began prayers and songs o open the event. The smell of sage circulated in the air as Indigenous leaders and participants fanned the smoke throughout the crowd.

“Sage is a plant medicine and used for cleansing,” said Wayne Snow from Saskatchewan, Canada. “We cleanse our eyes to see clearly, our mo...

Trump to Support DACA Protections for More Wall Funding

President Trump is planning to support protections from deportation for some undocumented immigrants in the U.S. in exchange for $5.7 billion to build the southern border wall. WASHINGTON—President Trump is planning on Saturday to support protections from deportation for some undocumented immigrants in the U.S. in exchange for $5.7 billion to build the southern border wall, said White House officials familiar with the decision. Mr. Trump is scheduled to make his announcement at 4 p.m. Aides cautioned that the announcement has already been delayed once by an hour, and that the president may still change his approach. The offer to codify protections for young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, known as Dreamers, is seen as a major concession inside the White House. The offer is designed to move negotiations forward with a view to ending the impasse over the partial government shutdown, with both sides dug in over the wall. Mr. Trump says extending existing border barriers is needed to curb illegal immigration and Democrats says it is an ineffective and expensive measure. The new White House position was negotiated by the president’s senior adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence, aides said.

U.S. top court's Kavanaugh issues first opinion in arbitration case

The U.S. Supreme Court’s newest member, Brett Kavanaugh, issued his first written opinion on Tuesday as the justices in a unanimous ruling bolstered companies’ ability to use arbitration to resolve disputes with customers or other businesses. The court decided 9-0 to throw out a lower-court ruling that had kept a case involving dental equipment companies from being resolved through arbitration because the court had determined the demand for arbitration was groundless. Newly appointed justices are generally assigned non-controversial, unanimous cases as their first opinions.

N Korea ambassador to Italy 'disappears'

South Korea's spy agency says that the top diplomat fled Pyongyang's Rome embassy with his wife.

The announcement follows unconfirmed reports that Pyongyang's top diplomat in Italy had sought asylum from an unidentified Western country.

Jo Song-gil, the acting North Korean amba...

Trump threatens government shutdown ‘will last for a very long time’ if Democrats oppose House bill that includes border wall money

In morning tweets, the president also sought to pin blame on Democrats for a potential government shutdown, even though he said a week ago that he would proudly own one.

President Trump warned Friday that a partial government shutdown would last “for a very long time” if Congress does ...

A self Inflicted Wound

To say that watching the world eat itself alive with the machinations of an old archaic political mindset is frustrating would be an understatement of global proportions. The world is full of idiots and those idiots cling to the old world, the ways of the past. Old and greyed political mindset...

44 ex-senators warn U.S. is 'entering a dangerous period'

The senators stressed the importance of casting aside party differences in confronting impending challenges.

“We are on the eve of the conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation and the House’s commencement of investigations of the president and his administrat...

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    To be fair, this has been built up over a number of decades. US reliance on Saudi oil is the root of this problem, and that isn't a Trump thing, that goes back a long way. US presidents have been kissing butts of Saudi royals for decades, and for decades they've had a miserable human rights record to say the least.

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    Very Important to preserve her Legacy

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    Another mass shooting? When will it end???

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    I am wondering why they are giving immunity to Weisselberg? He has been with Trump since around 1973 but what does Weisselberg have to do with Mueller "Russian investigation"? .....Beginning to look like a witch hunt to me"??

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    I like that the article is supplemented by a link to the actual report referenced. It allows the reader to self research and compare opinion and finding of the article.